UBC Discovery Camp

After the first Experience University Life (EUL) at UBC in 2014, students gave feedback to their institutions. Not surprisingly, both the students and parents were satisfied with their experience and all spoke highly of this project. Parents were very satisfied with the security and excellent arrangement of the project while students were pleased with the rich course content and the interactive teaching methods, giving students deeper impressions of the material. The courses focused on building  practical skills and instructors gave guidance outside the class. Students said that they had a clearer understanding of college majors through EUL, which was beneficial to their future university applications.

Through EUL at UBC, agents benefit from the bundling promotion of “study tour and study abroad in the future”. Parents are willing to send their kids to experience foreign universities using this introduction and will be at ease when their kids study abroad. Parents can also get a discount by this bundled service.

Instead of simply a study tour of “delicious foods and fun”, this EUL gives students their first experience of academic activities at UBC. It introduces 15- to 18-year-old high school students to what is expected of them in a university environment and helps prepare them for successful start to the next phase of their education. Students develop English speaking, listening and presentation skills. Students learn team-building and communication skills from daily classes, educational excursions, and focused seminars presented by UBC faculty members and instructors.

To expand the inspiration and achievement that students gained in this EUL, UBC will continue to run EUL in 2019. What’s more, another program combined with social components will be added in accordance with parents and students’ wishes.

Experience University Life at UBC (EUL) includes three two-week courses delivered through in-person instruction at the UBC campus in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Each course focuses on a different theme:

  • EUL1: Critical Thinking and Global Citizenship – Jul 5-18, 2019
  • EUL2: Global Leadership and Sustainability Awareness – Jul 19-Aug 1, 2019
  • EUL3: Ecology and Economics – Aug 2-15, 2019

Place: Vancouver Campus at UBC

Courses and extra-curricular activities take place from Monday to Friday. Off-campus tours and activities are planned for the weekend.