2019 Summer Art Camp

Founded in 1930, St. George’s School is one of Canada’s premier boarding and day schools for boys, welcoming boys from all faiths and races. Located in the world-class city of Vancouver, and nestled on two campuses close to the University of British Columbia, the school offers 1150 boys from over 18 countries worldwide comprehensive and demanding university preparatory programs. St. George’s School knows what it takes to prepare its students for university and for life. Many celebrities are students at St. George’s School, for example Zekai Li-- Jiacheng Liu’s son and Lucas-- Nicholas Tse’s son.

Each summer, St. George's School offers a dynamic, fun and safe program, with hundreds of classes for students of all ages. St. George’s summer camp has a long history in expanding students’ interests. It has been the biggest and best summer camp in Vancouver for 20 years.

Most students come from Vancouver; the boarding program has only a small number of spots for international students. Boys and girls aged 9 to 16 years coming from all over the world will enjoy a total Canadian immersion experience in one of Canada's most beautiful cities and campuses. After class, students are occupied with a rich variety of interests and activities such as tennis, robotics, dessert making, photography, and Indian handmade arts in the afternoon and evening. On the weekend, students are organized to explore the attractions in and around Vancouver to experience the social and cultural life in Canada. Students will live in the school’s dormitory with two in a room, supervised by professional nurses and experienced camp staff for 24 hours to ensure the children's safety.

The schedule of the summer camp in 2019 is as follows.

Intensive English 2 Weeks and a half July 1-18
A2+ 2 Weeks and a half July 1-18
B2 2 Weeks July 19-Aug 1
B4 3 Weeks July 19-August 15
C2 2 Weeks August 2-August 15

- Intensive English: This program is for students who plan to attend schools in Canada. Participants will receive help to improve their English skills and vocabulary for the upcoming school year. The program will focus on four language-learning areas: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Students will attend a full day of classes for six hours and be left with homework for one hour.
- Only-English Class: The class will be taken from 9 am to 3:30 pm from Monday to Friday. During evenings and weekends, they will be organized into activities and tours of attractions in and around Vancouver.
- Immersion: Students with intermediate and high levels of English can participate all kinds of day camps. The programs are divided into five parts: ESL, Enrichment, Science/Technology, Sports/Recreation and Arts.

The deposit of 1500 yuan ($300 Canadian) before March 15th, 2019, will be included in the total fee for the camp. Applicants must meet the following conditions:

- 9 to 16 years old before July 1, 2019 - in line with the requirements of Canadian short-term tourist visas
- Completely filled out Summer Camp Application Form
- Comply strictly with regulations of the camp
- Have a reserved return ticket